November 01, 2005

Curiosity almost killed the kitty!

You know the saying Curiosity killed the Cat!

Well, curiosity certainly nearly killed a kitty called Hal.

You can check out the full story here -

Family Finds Cat Built Into Wall Of Their New House

We cats like a lot of sunbaking and snoozing in the sun, and if a house is being built around us - well, that's just an inconvenience and one we can quite happily ignore to catch some rays. But I need to warn the little fella - if you're going to snooze, make it a cat nap, with your ears still open and ready to wake up quickly if needed. Hope Hal finds a nice new home - already built!

Hal, my pal, it's better to sleep ON the window sill, than in the wall cavity!


Aidana said...

It's nice to see a Pagan who doesn't feel the need to scream... "I'm Pagan" ...on every site they do... beautiful cat by the way, I would appreciate your coment on my site or blog as well.

Aidana said...

Let me clarify my last comment, to some that may have sounded sarcastic... what I meant by the I'm Pagan thing is I would not have know you were if it weren't for the photo having a pentacle candle holder in it... the tidbit of info isn't mentiones in your profile or within the bulk of the page... so it truly was a comment about your security within yourself that you don't need to proclaim anything... it simply is the way it is.

Chicka said...

That cat that got walled in looks just like my Smudge!

Anonymous said...

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