April 05, 2009

Why my mum thinks I'm strange

You see, I'm a cat of many moods.

You think I would want to sleep just in the new cat tent.

But after a week of camping out, I've decided that I prefer other comforts. The novelty of the cat tent has worn off.

Sleep is my favourite pastime. I spend a lot of my life asleep. So it's always good to mix it up a bit. Find new places to sleep:

This morning, mum discovered me asleep on her manuscript on the dining room table. It was quite comfy, I must say. And I promise I didn't read any of it.

Of course, as soon as Dad wakes up, I'll have to move. He has very set ideas about where I should sleep and where I shouldn't. Spoilsport!

March 15, 2009

Reality TV Cash Cat

Guess what, mum?

I'm on TV!

Looks like TV producers finally realised what a CASH CAT I could be for them and gave me my own reality TV show.

Watch out Dr Harry, Dorkus is taking over the small screen.

So of course, with the TV show, comes the obligatory magazine covers. Don't I look handsome?

And the newspaper articles:- (funny thing, I used to live in Annandale, that's where mum found me, but not Minnesota)

A cat can only dream, can't he?

I stare at the TV so often that I wonder what it would be like to be on it. When I was a little one, and didn't know better, I used to try and catch the tennis ball. Never worked though.

I know my mum would love me to be a CASH CAT - she already thinks I am, she thinks I eat the cash. Not make the cash.

So any producers out there in TV land, I'm just sitting here, waiting to be discovered.

(Photos made at Photofunia)