January 12, 2008

I have myspace (and so does the pig!)

I just could not believe my ears when mum told me about this pig Lucy who has her own myspace page. I mean, a pig! Mum reckons she's really cute and she's a miniature pig and she wants to be Babe, but don't we all?

Well, I didn't think that it was very fair - for Lucy to have a myspace and all I've got is this blog. Where are my friends, hey? I know there's people out there who love me. I've got friends, right? I just haven't splashed them all over the internet. But it got me thinking, and meowing, and then I started nagging mum. I need a myspace. You've got yourspace. Dad's got hisspace. I want myspace.

So mum gave in and made me a myspace page. Meow! I'm a happy cat now. So come and be my friend right here!

If you must, you can also make friends with the pig here. Mum said I had to be friends with the pig too, but have you heard of anything more absurd? A cat and a pig being friends! Apparently the pig is friends with a dog, so she has no taste at all.

Anyway, I really hope I have more friends than the pig! But surely there'd be no question about that.

Oh, and now I have my own email - diaryofamadcat at hotmail dot com.

Hope to see you on myspace.