November 12, 2006

I like November

I really like November.

That's because Mum is doing Nanowrimo, which means she spends more time than usual in front of the computer with her butt in that chair. And I get to supervise. And curl up next to the computer and sleep soundly in mum's company. Nothing better.

Sure she still goes to that thing she calls a job during the week, muttering that she has to buy me cat food. But at night, once she's cooked dinner, she sits down and spends time with me on the computer.

She does get cross though when I decide the keyboard has had enough attention, and she should pay some attention to me. She doesn't like it when I walk across the keyboard. But I think the words I add to the novel could be valuable. Certainly would count towards the 50,000 goal. I just need to learn to walk on the space bar a few more times.