October 29, 2005

Cats in sinks

Now you've probably seen my gorgeous pic already, where I'm catching some sunlight in my glorious sunlounge.

But did you know it's a cat phenomenon? We just have this natural attraction to sinks and basins and baths. And Cats in Sinks has the evidence. Now I'm not going to tell you why it's a feline phenomenon -- that one you've got to work out for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

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Euian said...

Well that's very cute.
Thanks for the link I love it!

Faira said...

Now, if you could only teach him to wash the dishes, too. I am sorry he had to lose his tail. That is always a bad habit of cats, their curiousty and their sence of adventure but I guess that is all (in part) why we love them so!
I have three cats named...
Braille(a Boy-who is blind)
Akasha(a girl)and
MyKia(a boy).
And one little dog
(a MinPin)Jengibre(a girl)
So their are a lot of antics around our house, too.