October 20, 2005

It's so hard to find good help!!

I got very excited. Mum told me she was getting me a personal assistant. And sure enough, Traciee turned up. But mate, getting her to actually update my blog was a totally different matter. She can type fast enough when she's on MSN but when it comes my very important diary, she'd rather tease me with my toys. And I thought I was going to have my own secretary. She should try typing with furry paws.

At least, it's easy to get her out of bed in the morning and get her to feed me. But some mornings she would jump straight on the computer and ignore my cries for food.

Anyway, she's going home in a couple of days. I'll no longer have my own personal slave. I'll have to go back to wacking dad in the back to get him out of bed and feed me.

But at least she was a pushover to give me extra food. Then again, look at my eyes - wouldn't you do what I wanted?

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