November 20, 2005

Feed me, mum!

Oh- oh! I'm in trouble.

Yesterday, mum was sitting at the computer. Minding her own business. Bare calves.

And I had this sudden urge. I lunged at her and sunk my teeth into her calf. Drew blood and she yelled at me.

She was not happy. But damn it! I was hungry and she wasn't feeding me.
She tells me that I'm not supposed to have three meals a day. But SHE does. So I don't see why I can't.

I suppose we'll just get onto that overweight conversation again. But she's never really impressed when I miaow to her, 'Right back at you, tubby!'

November 06, 2005

The Tale of No Tail

This is the'before' picture. I'm a strapping young kitten of less than a year old, with a beautiful long tail.

Mum always used to get cranky with me when I went outside. Said I was going to get myself in trouble. Said I didn't know what a big bad world it was out there. But I wanted excitement. I wanted adventure. I wanted to explore.

I got more than I bargained for. And the first of my nine lives was gone.

I can't really explain what happened. I guess I didn't see it coming. But I freak out now whenever I hear the sound of a big mean old nasty garbage truck approaching. Mum found me hours later. Hiding under the house next door. She didn't think it was me because I was a pale fascimile of my usual self. I was shaking, I was numb, I was in shock. I couldn't move my tail and I my paw hurt as well. I didn't even answer her when she talked to me.

She took me down to the elephant hospital. Well there weren't really any elephants there but that's what they had on the sign. And I had to stay there for days. They kept saying not today, you can't go home today. I'd cry when mum came in to visit me but they wouldn't let her take me home. And then they said that my beautiful tail had to come off. Because I couldn't move it, they said it would be too dangerous for me to keep it - I could get it stuck somewhere and injure myself more.

When I got back from hospital, Mum's flatmate started calling me stumpy bum. Bloody rude!

I kept looking for my tail, going to clean it as I was used to, but it was gone. It took a while to adapt to not having a tail. But now, I hardly even remember having one.

Some people think I'm a manx when they first meet me, but I'm more special than that. Because I lived to tell the tail!

November 01, 2005

Curiosity almost killed the kitty!

You know the saying Curiosity killed the Cat!

Well, curiosity certainly nearly killed a kitty called Hal.

You can check out the full story here -

Family Finds Cat Built Into Wall Of Their New House

We cats like a lot of sunbaking and snoozing in the sun, and if a house is being built around us - well, that's just an inconvenience and one we can quite happily ignore to catch some rays. But I need to warn the little fella - if you're going to snooze, make it a cat nap, with your ears still open and ready to wake up quickly if needed. Hope Hal finds a nice new home - already built!

Hal, my pal, it's better to sleep ON the window sill, than in the wall cavity!