August 19, 2005

Oh my poor paws!


You may have heard my blood curdling scream from here to the moon. Mum certainly heard it, but dad - dear old dumb dad - he with the clodhopper feet that had just trodden on me, thought he'd stepped on a mouse!

Hello? You should know the spot in front of the sliding door is just my favourite position in the morning to catch some rays. So why walk through the door carrying a backpack so you can't see what's under your great big elephant hoofers!!! This is my spot, and you don't need to treat me like a doormat.

Mum gave me a kiss and cuddle later and rubbed my poor paws, but now I think I'm going to go off and sleep under the desk - still a little bit of sun there, but at least the great clodhopper won't be able to find me.

BTW, if your'e wondering what that furry thing is to the right of the pic - well, that's Prince the Dead Cat. Dad's idea of a joke I think. Mum bought if years ago for her granddad - because well, he had a sick sort of humour. Liked that kind of thing. I figure, if I ignore it long enough, maybe it will go away.

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