May 23, 2005

My parents need a new alarm clock!!!

I tell you what -- it took ages to get mum and dad out of bed this morning. It was like trying to raise the dead! My stomach starts rumbling at about 6am. I want food! And I can't open those silly little packets myself. Believe me, I've tried! I've mastered opening the cupboards, and getting into the Jatz bickies if dad is silly enough to leave the packet out, but those little catfood packets, they've certainly made them cat-proof!

So for the past two weeks, mum's been on I've given her a bit of a break and let her sleep in. And I've tapped dad on the head instead...usually he gets up and feeds me and goes back to bed. And once my tummy's full, I can do the same.

This morning...well, I realised pretty quickly that mum had to go to work because her alarm went off and she hit the snooze button, looked at me, and turned over and went back to sleep. Tap, tap, tap. Well, a cat's only got so much patience, especially when his stomach's growling! Tap, tap, tap. TAP, TAP, TAP.

Okay, I'll try dad's side....WACK! Oh crap, probably shouldn't have had the claws out that time!


Better run down the stairs...but at least they're out of bed now!!!

Your furry friend, Dorkus

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Traciee said...

hey lol dorkus's site rox:) its funny how we has to wake u guys up every morning :P keep writing!