May 20, 2005

How to find 15 minutes of TV fame?

The Australian Idol auditions are on at the moment. And I reckon I've got what it takes to be the next Aussie Idol. I can even put on the Guy Sebastian wig if they reckon I need an afro. (see picture below) Geez, I'd have to be better than some those wailers who get on TV! At least I'm cute! although I better start practicing my singing - I think What's New Pussycat? will be my audition piece.

Hang on! These auditions are in Sydney! I'm not getting into that dodgem car for 8 hours. And I'm certainly not going to fly! One flying experience was enough (and that's a story for another day!)

Looks like I'll just have to send in my tape to Australia's Funniest Home Videos instead. The one of dad sweeping me across the floor with the broom.

Or maybe I'll give Big Brother a call. They could do with a cat in THAT house!

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