July 06, 2005

Sleeping Arrangements

I've been having a dispute with dad about sleeping arrangements ever since he arrived on the scene. You see, it hasn't always been the three of us. At one time -- a very long time ago - actually I'm a bit hesitant to say exactly when because I don't want to reveal my age. A cat has to maintain some mystique. Suffice to say, I look darn good for my age, and that's without Plastic Surgery. These whiskers are all my own! No feline implants for this cat.

- Now where was I? Oh yes -- sleeping arrangements. I used to have mum all to myself. I didn't have a dad then. Well, I did sort of -- Mum's flatmate, Michael - he was the one who found me, and he would feed me and stuff, but it was mum I would snuggle up to every night. Then Michael moved out and HE moved in.

Everything was okay at first. I got used to having this new person around the house, and he'd pat me and fed me, so he was kind of cool, and he stayed in his own room a lot and went out a lot at night. So it was usually just me and mum and that's the way I liked it.

But then everything changed. And I mean really changed. Suddenly he started sleeping in mum's bedroom and I was banished! What was going on??? And then mum said I had a new daddy. Well, I didn't like this very much and I started to ambush him every time he came down the stairs.

Years later (as I've already said, I'm not revealing how many) -- we've grown accustomed to each other. I've realised he's here to stay, and I think he realises that I might try to run away but I'll always be back before dinner time. In fact, he's a bit of a pushover really - I can usually get an extra feed out of him at lunchtime, and he's easier to prod out of bed than mum.
And the sleeping arrangements are well and truly sorted. I've got a day bed under the desk downstairs, and at night, I curl up on the end of the bed. Everything's right with the world -- we all know which side of the bed to sleep on.


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