September 30, 2007

Back from the detention centre

You know it's been nearly six months since I blogged. Where have I been? Well, just lazing around really, gazing out the window, bullying mum and dad to get out of bed at 6am because my stomach waits for no-one, enjoying the fire, and when that's gone, plonking myself on mum's lap everytime she sits down and you know....just general cat stuff.

They left me at a detention centre back at Easter time. I hated it. So I went on a hunger strike. How dare they treat me like a common prisoner, and put me behind bars. The warden lady came and gave me food every day but I just turned my nose up at it and sulked. I'd rather be under house arrest at home - well, if it's good enough for Paris... I was surprised when 3 days later mum and dad came to collect me. I really thought they'd left me there for good. I was so pleased to see them.

Last month, they took me back to the detention centre. They told me I was going to the Cat Resort. It wasn't exactly cocktails and buffets but this time they also took along the food I like and because I knew they were coming back for me, I relaxed and enjoyed my holiday. I even talked to the other cats there. So I'm quite happy to go back...just don't make it more than a week, hey?

I'm a bit put out at the moment. I used to have a prime seat on the desk looking out the window. But something's happened. Mum's laptop has disappeared and now she's got this big monster old computer sitting on the desk and there's no room for me!

I promise I shall blog a bit more frequently from now on!


Ken Albin said...

What a beautiful furkid!

Lori said...

What a beautiful kitty! And so smart--typing and talking on the phone :-)

THE ZOO said...

We hoped yall haded a Merry Christmas.

Kimo & Sabi said...

Happy New Year!