December 26, 2006

A Dorkus Christmas

As usual, I had to wake up the oldies to get them out of bed and feed me. Just because it's Christmas and there's no kiddies in the house, doesn't mean they can sleep in! They've got me. So we were up at seven, opening the presents. I'd been a really good boy and hadn't opened any presents only. Well, not really! I just took a little peek.

So for Christmas, I got a new water bowl, a catnip mouse and a couple of other toys, including a dangly dragonfly that springs back whenever I try to grab it. And they made me wear the silly santa hat most of the day, and pose for photos!

Lunch was great. Roast chook! My favourite. And ham! Double good. Then in the afternoon I got a tin of turkey and gravy. This is how I felt after that! One full belly.

And then dinner, we had turkey and ham. No wonder I chucked up all over mum's important papers the next morning (but that's a whole other post).
I like Christmas, especially when Mum and Dad decide to spend it at home with me!

But I tell you what, it's an exhausting job playing Santa!


Ed Dickson said...

I own his twin.

montchan said...

Hi Dorkus!!!

Montchan the cat and his mommy say "Meowy New Year!!!!

Kimo & Sabi said...

We wish you a furry happy, healthy, safe, snuggly, flea-free, Temptations-filled New Year!

Cassie said...

Oh man, I LOVE your blog. One of these days, I'll have to have Sgt Pepper guest write in my blog.

cube said...

It sounds like you had the purr-fect Christmas, you lucky cat.

ArtsyCatsy said...

Hi Dorkus - hope you've recovered from the holidays! I'm Rocky, CEO (Cat Executive Officer) at the new ArtsyCatsy. Come sniff us out! If we make you purr, want to link to each other?

danette said...

Awe..... What an absolute honey :D

Wish I could have a kitty again, but I'm soooo allergic :(

Fenwick said...

I spent Christmas in lockup.
The Fat, Bearded Idiot and The(Usually)Nice Lady skipped town.


lidiman said...

what a cute kitty!!!!

Lori said...

You're lucky you got to spend Christmas with your humans. Ours left town and just had somebody come in and feed us every once in awhile. You are very photogenic, by the way.

Moonie and Carmela

Lx said...


Lx said...

very cute.
i miss my cats.