June 02, 2006

I'd rather be asleep.

I've been a really slack blogger lately. And why? Because I love my new house, that's why! Plus it's winter. I'd rather spend my evening like this, than thinking about what to put on my blog.

After the shock therapy of moving, I wasn't impressed when I found out that this house is COLD. And then Mum nicked off and went to Adelaide, leaving me and Dad to fend for ourselves. Well, if she thinks she's getting her dressing gown back, she can forget about it! She came back and bought me a couple of blankets, but I still insist on having that dressing gown underneath for extra comfort. And then she bought some firewood, and now the house and my blankets are just cosy, thank you. No wonder I want to spend most of my life asleep.

Yawn! I'll be back when I wake up again.

Oh yes, and we're back on line!


Oreo said...

I'm furry glad to see you am ok. I was furry worried about you after that storm. I am havin a part ynext weekend at mine house, if you want to teleport over for it you am welcome.

ally said...

i'd rather be sleeping warm than cold! hope the new home adjusts to your habits ASAP! -=)

congrats to your Mom on the new home.

diet dilemma magmem stlye said...

Ooooh, I just love cats! I had one just like you. You have such a cool family. You don't need to speak in human language, I understand your meows. As a matter of fact it bugs me when I see a cat and they talk to me and I have to tell the owner what the baby wants. Keep posing so cutesey, and that will always bring me back. Bless all.

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