June 18, 2005

Where did everyone go?

I knew something was going on, on Thursday night. Mum didn't come home. Dad fed me, and well, he was the only one in the bed, so I had to cuddle up next to his feet. All night, I wondered where my mum was.
Doesn't she love me anymore? But in the morning, dad fed me so everything was alright.

Now I remember -- there's some really strange things happening around here! On Thursday morning, Mum went out really early and came back with this smelly creature who barked and growled at me. Then she went out again. I'm worried - because she hasn't come home - maybe the smelly creature ate her. Oh no, my mum has been kidnapped by a dog.

Friday morning, Dad left. I'm quite used to them coming and going, and the garage door going up and down - as if they can't make up their minds what they want to do. But he hasn't come home either! And it's now SATURDAY!

This morning when I wandered up the stairs to wake them up, and discovered that they hadn't snuck back in during the night, I had half a mind to call the RSPCA! But then the nice lady came in from next door and gave me some food. Of course, with a full belly, I went back to sleep. And she came back in the afternoon and fed me again. So, I guess that's that!

Mum's been dognapped and dad's gone off where-ever he goes.

Looks like I've got the place to myself!

Hey groovers....

.......it's PARTY-TIME!!

June 04, 2005

Escape route --- photo taken in Adelaide - do I know my way around sliding doors? Posted by Hello

Show me a door....

There aren't many doors that I haven't mastered. Especially if mum and dad leave them ajar - well, then, they may as well give me an open invitation.

You see, I have a cupboard fetish. An obsession with those dark little spaces that hold items of...well, I have to check them out, don't I? There might be some food in there... Open biscuit packets...even mice...what's a cat going to do? Got to have a sniff around.

I love those sliding doors. They're the best. Just slip a paw in between the door and the frame. Little bit of a push and it's open. But the game's up. Mum and dad busted me today, opening the door from the house into the garage. Now they're talking about locking it. Spoil all my fun. They'll really have to worry the day I work out how to use the remote on the garage door. Because wishful thinking sure doesn't open it!


Inspection time. Posted by Hello