June 04, 2005

Show me a door....

There aren't many doors that I haven't mastered. Especially if mum and dad leave them ajar - well, then, they may as well give me an open invitation.

You see, I have a cupboard fetish. An obsession with those dark little spaces that hold items of...well, I have to check them out, don't I? There might be some food in there... Open biscuit packets...even mice...what's a cat going to do? Got to have a sniff around.

I love those sliding doors. They're the best. Just slip a paw in between the door and the frame. Little bit of a push and it's open. But the game's up. Mum and dad busted me today, opening the door from the house into the garage. Now they're talking about locking it. Spoil all my fun. They'll really have to worry the day I work out how to use the remote on the garage door. Because wishful thinking sure doesn't open it!


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