December 17, 2005

Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree!

Well we have a Christmas tree now!

Get a load of the size of this thing. They've got to be kidding, right? It's a midget tree.

Oops. Knocked it over.

This is more like it. A big tree that I can hide under, climb, and attack presents.

I believe Mum and Dad are going to take the midget tree with them for Christmas, and leave me with the big tree. They better leave some presents under it for me. Or I'll leave them a big present for when they get home. I'm really good at shredding!


Marley Gibson said...

I hope most of those presents under the big tree are for you, Dorkus! Merry Catmas too you.

= )

meganprice4505 said...
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Gwen said...

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a lot of gifts!

aidana said...

Hope everything is ok... haven't seen you in a while.