April 01, 2005

No internet access.

Diane here! Dorkus has sent me to the library with a message to post on his blogs. Actually, he's quite peeved that he's not allowed in the library. He thinks that 'no animals'is a dumb rule and is offended that he cannot increase his cultural and learned knowledge by sticking his nose in library books. Although, 'no dogs' is probably a good move. Face it, they're not cultured at all.

Here's the message:


after the move!

Yes, I'm going psycho!

Yes, I miss my readers!

We don't even have a telephone until the telephone company gets its act together and lays the cables.

How primitive is that? A house with no internet. A cat with no blog.

Thank you for reading. And I will return to you as soon as I can. Or send Mum to the library with more messages for my readers. Meantime I'm saving up my stories!

Your furry friend, Dorkus

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