December 26, 2006

A Dorkus Christmas

As usual, I had to wake up the oldies to get them out of bed and feed me. Just because it's Christmas and there's no kiddies in the house, doesn't mean they can sleep in! They've got me. So we were up at seven, opening the presents. I'd been a really good boy and hadn't opened any presents only. Well, not really! I just took a little peek.

So for Christmas, I got a new water bowl, a catnip mouse and a couple of other toys, including a dangly dragonfly that springs back whenever I try to grab it. And they made me wear the silly santa hat most of the day, and pose for photos!

Lunch was great. Roast chook! My favourite. And ham! Double good. Then in the afternoon I got a tin of turkey and gravy. This is how I felt after that! One full belly.

And then dinner, we had turkey and ham. No wonder I chucked up all over mum's important papers the next morning (but that's a whole other post).
I like Christmas, especially when Mum and Dad decide to spend it at home with me!

But I tell you what, it's an exhausting job playing Santa!

December 23, 2006

Two more sleeps = fifty more catnaps.

And yes, there's a present under the tree for me. Only two more sleeps. Well, two more night-times - that probably equates to fifty more cat naps for me.
Mum and Dad are complaining that they can't have a hot shower. There was a big bang last night and now the hot water system is being replaced. Can't see what they're complaining about at all. Never saw the human attraction to immersing themselves in water. Cats are obviously smarter than humans. We don't have to drown ourselves to stay clean!

December 09, 2006

Have yourself a merry little Dorkus

Okay, so for some reason Mum's old flatmate called me Dorkus, which is okay. I can live with it. But does she have to dress me up so that I look like a dork too?

See what I have to endure? Hopefully she'll forget about this outfit and won't dig it up again for Christmas Day. I mean, seriously, I am not Santa Claus, folks, I don't have the white beard or the fat belly (um, well not the white beard anyway, and don't count my whiskers.)

I tell you what! After this humiliation, I expect there to be some pretty good presents under the tree for me. Must go and investigate.....

Well, now I'm feeling really catty. Saw my name on a few presents, but that was in the 'from' section, 'To Mum' or 'To Dad.' Hang on, I don't remember going out and buying any presents for the oldies, let alone wrapping them up. There's something fishy going on here, and I'll need to investigate a bit further.

So where are the presents for me? Dorkus? It's not looking good. But I suppose it's still a couple of weeks away. I'll let you know what happens.

Oh no, I just had a horrible thought. Maybe that Santa hat and scarf WAS my present. Please don't tell me it's true!