February 01, 2006

Why I've been absent from my blog

For everyone worried about my lack of blogging, don't blame me! Blame my mother.

We have no internet at home. So I spend lazy afternoons stretched out, thinking about my blogging, and it doesn't happen, because by the time mum gets to the library she forgets what I told her!

Actually, I'm a bit peeved. Mum's told me I should start pulling my weight around the house, get out there and do some work, earn some money, pay some bills! She's kidding isn't she? I don't cost that much!

I don't turn the lights on and chew up electricity - I'd be happy to live in the dark all night. And I don't yabber on the phone all day and run up that bill. So how are the bills my fault? Hey? Sure, mum and dad have to give me my favourite food every day and keep my kitty litter nice and fresh, but if I was charging for my companionship, they wouldn't be able to afford my bill!

So stop whining, mum and dad.

They're looking for a new house. Tell you what, it better have as nice a sunbaking spot at this one! I'm quite partial too it.

Your friend, Dorkus